Coffee Bean Advice

There is literally hundreds of different brands of coffee beans out there for you to choose from. So what is right for me

Our advice is never buy cheap coffee, your customers will only give you one chance to get it right, if you serve them a dodgy coffee, they will not be back for more. Breaking it down we can safely assume that 1 kilo of coffee beans will make, on average, approximately 160 cups of coffee, once ground. If your coffee beans cost you £5 per Kilo that equates to around 3.p per cup, that’s great, however this probably means that you end up with a poor quality beverage and not many repeat customers. If your coffee beans cost you £10 per Kilo, you are paying 6p per cup, twice the outlay, but that means that you should, in theory, be serving some of the best espresso coffee money can buy. Your customers will come back time and time again; you will also justify charging a premium rate for you coffee. Make sure your coffee supply is a good one, don’t buy cheap stuff, it’s just not worth it. Also remember that your customers tastes will vary, therefore it is often a good idea to have two types of coffee on offer. Your coffee should always be as fresh as possible, only ever grind the amount you believe you will sell during the following hour. Beans can, and should be kept as fresh as possible reseal packaging if possible or once open should be kept in an airtight container and used as soon as possible.

Ta Moko Espresso