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Pressure Testing the Facts 

Question - Why do I need a boiler and pressure system inspection?  

Answer - basically it's the law and it is a criminal offence not to comply with the regulations

We have outlined below the basics but for more detailed information use the link below 



Under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000, users and owners of pressure systems (which includes espresso machines) are responsible for having boilers and other components on the pressure system tested and certified for safety. This must be carried out every year. Normally your insurance company will advise you about this, but ultimately it is your responsibility. The reason that insurers tell you about this requirement is to make you aware of your legal responsibilities. This is important because insurance companies will only pay a claim if the insured person(s) were conducting their business activities within the law when an incident / accident occurred. If, therefore, your espresso machine was to explode, causing injury or damage to persons or property at your site, and if you had not had the system properly tested and certified, your insurers are likely to refuse your claim on the grounds that you were operating the equipment illegally.

If you are uncertain about this you should contact your commercial insurance company or alternatively view documents about these regulations by visiting:


Your insurance company will require you to have your machine inspected by their own engineer  for certification for your insurance. We are happy to attend the site with their engineer as part of the maintenance plan.

Under our maintenance plans your machine will be inspected and certified by our own engineers this complies with local EHO and HSE regulations. The important thing on this point is that the inspector who issues your certificate will have the necessary formal qualifications to be deemed a “Competent Person” (as defined by the Health and Safety Executive). Further information on the required qualifications to be deemed a “Competent Person” may be obtained by visiting the UKAS web site using the following address:http://www.ukas.com/library/Technical-Information/Pubs-Technical-Articles/Pubs-List/RG2.pd

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