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Guide to Buying a Coffee Grinder.

Buying a coffee grinder to suit your needs correctly is very important. If you are only serving 10 cups an hour then you don’t need a grinder with a big motor. But if you’re going to be busy through long periods and your restaurant, café, bar or sandwich shop is thriving, you should buy a big grinder with a big motor. Buying the right grinder to suit your needs can make a big difference to your long-term outlay. The right size coffee grinder can last you 10 years, but the wrong coffee grinder for your needs and you could burn it out within the year!  Always buy a grinder with big blades and a relatively slow number of rotations per minute. This will mean that although your grinder is spinning slower, your blades are bigger and the balance is better, producing a much better coffee output than a grinder with smaller blades and a high speed motor, with the same amount of ground coffee output per hour. The ground coffee is then ready for use in the same amount of time, but the result is your coffee is not in any way burnt, keeping in the maximum amount of taste. A big coffee grinder does not necessarily mean a faster grinder. In fact a lot of big grinders operate at relatively small amounts of rotations per minute, hence the importance of big blades. If you’re potential chosen vendor has only one or two different grinders on offer then the chances are that you will end up with a grinder that does not suit your needs, this may cost you in the long run. So which Coffee Grinder is right for you?

You need an On Demand 1/2 Kilo grinder if: If you are serving less than 30 drinks a day or you are serving an alternative coffee like decaf.

You need an On Demand 1/2 Kilo grinder if:  You are serving less than 50 cups a day or your limited in terms of space available.

For all other needs a 1Kg if: If you are serving up to 300 cups a day.

You need an 2Kg if: If you are serving up to 500 drinks per day, also you have 2 kilos of coffee beans available at any one time, which will produce 280 cups of coffee.

You need a 2Kg Automatic if:  You are serving up to 1000 cups per day and also need a constant supply of fresh ground coffee all the time.

You need a 2Kg Automatic if: You are a very busy High Street cafe/sandwich bar. This grinder will grind huge amounts of coffee beans, it also grinds at lower speeds to ensure you don’t get burnt coffee. Because of its large grinder blades ground coffee production is kept to a maximum.

You need a Deli Grinder if: You are selling ground coffee to the general public, this grinder is adjustable, simply weigh the beans, turn the grinder on, pour the beans in and the ground coffee will be dispensed into the bag, clipped onto the front of the grinder.You need a freestanding or a wall mounted coffee dispenser if: You are serving either pre ground coffee, example decaff, or any other powder ingredient like chocolate Dispenser is adjustable between 5 and 12 gms.